Thursday, 20 August 2009

Willetts attacks Labour for blocking A-level students' path to uni

David Willetts has warned that many A-level students will be prevented from going to university because of Labour’s higher education policies.

David, the Shadow Universities and Skills Secretary, congratulated everyone who received their A-level results today, saying, “Their success reflects an enormous amount of hardwork.”

And he stressed it was “tragic” that Labour have blocked the path to university for so many A-level students:

“The Government first reduced the number of university places, then offered only unfunded places and are now threatening to fine universities that over-recruit. They said they wanted half of all young people to go to university by 2010, but now they are blocking progress towards their own target.”

David warned, “This must not happen again. There needs to be a better system, and that’s why we have been constantly calling for a student fees review.”

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