Thursday, 20 August 2009

New immigration policy

The proposals on new immigration rules being made by the Migration Advisory Committee are partial, partisan, wrongheaded and almost racist" claim UKIP.

"Trumpeting a possible cut of 5,000 skilled non EU workers is an insult to our intelligence," said Nigel Farage, the party's leader today.

"When we suggested that we introduce a points based VISA scheme a few years ago we were denounced as racist", he went on, "but now the government have introduced the system they have of course got it wrong.

"Discriminating against non EU skilled migrants is crazy. This includes Australia, New Zealand, India, (and where does the NHS think it is going to get it doctors from?) and America amongst others. Instead we must accept those from across the Continent of Europe."

If the Government were serious about dealing with the immigration issue facing this country we would not be cracking down on skilled workers who largely come from our cultural and real allies, both in the old dominions and across the world, but on the hundreds of thousands of unskilled immigrants from EU countries as well.

It is no surprise that one of the results of these plans would be to cut down on highly skilled coloured immigration. High skill jobs create jobs, whereas low and non skilled migrants are the problem".

A problem, which due to our abdication over immigration policy to the European Union we are unable to deal with."

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