Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Spelman warns family homes face "massive tax hikes"

New evidence has revealed that Labour plan to target family homes with new taxes, after it emerged that Scottish Labour have signed up to a tax revaluation of people's homes.

Caroline Spelman, the Shadow Communities & Local Government Secretary, stressed the "cat is out of the bag" after it was revealed that Scottish politicians are planning a new house price tax, targeting conservatories and home improvements.

Labour intend to "regain the political initiative" in Scotland, by replacing council tax with a new local property tax. Such a house price tax system has already been introduced by the Labour Government in Northern Ireland under direct rule, and a 1% house price tax was proposed in Scotland by the Labour-commissioned Burt report in 2006.

In England, plans for a council tax revaluation are already underway by stealth. The property attributes of every home are already being recorded, logged and digitised and entered into a revaluation database.

Using complex mathematical techniques, the tax bill of every home is calculated based on property attributes like bedrooms, conservatories and parking spaces. So-called 'value significant codes' will help log, record and tax features like living in a quiet road, patios, roof terraces, balconies, sea or hill views or living near a field or golf course.

Caroline Spelman warned, "Labour started off with local tax revaluations in Wales and Northern Ireland, now they have Scotland in their sights. If Gordon Brown clings on to power after the General Election, you can guarantee that England will be next. Family homes across the country now face the threat of face massive tax hikes on their conservatories, parking spaces and home improvements."

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