Tuesday, 11 August 2009



Commenting on reports in the Times that Labour is to revise the Burt Report proposal for a 1% tax on homeowners as a new form of property tax SNP MSP and Chief Whip Brian Adam warned that Labour’s tax would penalise homeowners and pensioners.

When the proposal came out in 2006 sources close to Labour First Minister Jack McConnell responded to the proposal saying “"There is no way that Labour ministers will support a 1% homes tax."

The chief of COSLA, Labour Councillor Pat Watters responded at the time saying it was "the worst of all possibilities"

SNP Chief Whip Brian Adam said;

“Labour has gone back to the future with this proposal.

“Labour’s policy cupboard is so bare they have been forced into rehashing a three year old proposal rejected by Jack McConnell’s administration.

“After all Iain Gray’s talk of new and radical proposals they have retreated to a policy rubbished by the last Labour Executive.

“Andy Kerr was part of that administration –this idea was wrong then and is wrong now.

“Pensioners and homeowners across Scotland will be horrified by this plan.

“If these plans were ever to be implemented we would see pensioners facing enormous bills. Scotland’s pensioners have worked hard to pay for their homes, why should they be penalised for changes in the property market.

“And any homeowner will want to make improvements to their property. Why should homeowners be penalised for improving property they own? This is a ridiculous suggestion.

“To penalise people who make their homes more energy efficient would be utterly wrong at a time when we are working to improve our housing stock and tackle climate change.

“It seems Labour are so desperate to show they have a policy they’ve picked the first one they could find – even it will damage Scottish households.

“As for revaluation, proposed by Labour in Glasgow – everyone knows that means tax rises. When properties were revalued in Cardiff 64% of people saw their council tax bills rocket.

“Once again local taxes have Labour all over the shop. In contrast the SNP Scottish Government has delivered a council tax freeze for all Scottish households, helping them through the recession.

“It is clear from today’s proposals that it is only the SNP who can be trusted to scrap the unfair council tax and introduce fair taxation based on ability to pay.”

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