Thursday, 6 August 2009

Re: Labour's Baker Opts for Privatising Prisons

Labour's privatisation of prisons has brought untold damage upon the UK penal system as a whole.

Two private prisons Blakenhurst and Buckley Hall had to be taken back into control by the public sector and in 2002 the privately run Ashfield had to be run once again by the public sector after it was found unsafe for prisoners. Private Companies will, as ever, do the minimum to make a profit and ignore the social consequences.

PFI has been a failed experiment across the board since introduced by teh Conservatives back in 1992 and it is tragic to see Labour continually still pluggin the virtues of private funding for public institutions despite any eveidence that it works whatsoever.

The Howard League for Penal Reform are expected to shortly publish a booklet by Stephen Nathan about the continuing failures of privatisation in prisons.

Published by: Steve Gummer in response to article LABOUR’S BAKER OPTS FOR PRIVATISING PRISONS

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