Thursday, 6 August 2009

Pot calls kettle black: sod orf and mind your own business Mr O!!!

I read an article today whilst perusing Yahoo! News called Obama: Cameron has no substance and I found myself somewhat irritated.

It wasn't so much because he was criticising David Cameron for being without 'substance' or Obama put it, just 'sizzle'. David Cameron in my view is without 'substance' but he is better than the current man who Obama seems to consider is full of 'substance' but no 'sizzle'. I would certainly agree that Brown is lacking in 'sizzle' but I am not seeing the 'substance' either.

The man he seems to admire the most however is Tony Blair who according to Obama has 'substance' and 'sizzle'. Forgetting for the moment that Tony Blair started two wars with the man (George Bush) who Obama slated all the way through his election campaign for that reason amongst others, it is difficult to see where the 'substance' is.

Under Tony Blair's government, the education, prison, social services, transport, health, political and financial systems have either failed or are in serious disrepair. We are currently in the middle of an economic depression and two illegal wars in which allegations of war crimes and human rights abuses are rife against us. Unemployment is high, crime has risen, cocaine is as common as water and we have the highest teenage pregnancy, knife crime and alcohol rates in the civilised world. Where is the 'substance' again please Mr Obama?

I'm not even convinced about the 'sizzle' which in my opinion is more like 'slither' in Mr Blair's case if you ask me. Mr Obama appears to be heading in the same direction as Mr Blair though in the 'substance' leagues. From what I can gather he hasn't done much either and a good example is his promised closure of Guantanamo Bay. Wasn't this supposed to be done by now? Oh yes, I seem to recall that it was. If 'substance' is defined as inactivity and a huge advertising budget to win an election then Obama and Blair are definitely peas in a pod and should be left to play with each other's 'sizzle' and 'substance' until their hearts are content.

What made me mad though and I mean jump up and down, red faced, 'Yosemite Sam' crazy was that this chap, who is yet to do anything much other than perfect shaking the hands and slapping the backs of other world leaders is arrogant enough to think that he can influence the UK political landscape. Does he think that he is that popular or important over here that he can swing an election? I think he does. That's a bit worrying. Maybe he's been taking some of this 'substance' he seems to be obsessed with himself. Where can I get my hands on some?

I think that when old 'sizzle chops' Cameron himself wins the election by default we will be presented with a perfect opportunity to step back politically from the US and its overconfident leadership. Hasn't it always been America's arrogance, and overconfidence leading to its complacency that has gotten it into trouble time and time again in the past. Yes, but maybe it'll learn one day.

Until then...sod orf Mr Obama and kindly mind your own business in future! Oh and by the way...anyone who uses words like 'sizzle' or 'substance' to criticise other human beings is probably a little lacking in both himself. Find a thesaurus while your at it and try to find some better adjectives (describing words to you Mr O) to use in future .

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