Monday, 10 August 2009


SNP MSP and Justice Committee member Stewart Maxwell MSP has praised the work of the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency as new figures reveal the agency seized almost two tonnes of illegal drugs with an estimated value of £47 million in the last year.

Mr Maxwell said:

“Today’s figures show the agency is doing an excellent job in keeping drugs out of our communities and off our streets.

“The Scottish Government’s extra investment of £4 million to support the agency to bring in more specialist staff to track the drug trade and the money being made in it shows the SNP’s determination to crack down on Scotland’s crooks and dealers and to make our communities safer.

“On top of that seizing £13 million of assets from criminals that can now be invested in our young people’s futures makes a real difference in preventing young people getting involved with drugs and crime in the first place.

“With more police on our streets and more money going into specialist agencies like the SCDEA the SNP is taking real action to make Scotland safer.”

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