Monday, 20 July 2009




An updated analysis of results from the latest opinion polls over June and July – adding up to over 2,700 voters, and taking into account a YouGov poll and ComRes poll published on Sunday which both put the SNP ahead – shows the SNP leading Labour in votes for Westminster elections.

Added to the analysis which showed the SNP achieving increasing swings in local authority by-elections, is ahead in Holyrood opinion polls, and on the heels of the SNP’s European election success, it underlines that momentum is with the SNP as the party gears up for the Glasgow North East by-election.

The results of four election and poll analyses show the SNP;

- leading in Westminster opinion polls by 3% over Labour (a 12.5% swing from Labour to SNP from 2005)

- overtaking Labour in Last month’s European elections by 8% (7.5% swing from Labour to SNP since 2004)

- achieving a 5% lead over Labour across June’s local authority by-elections (a 7.3% swing from Labour to SNP from 2007)

- leading Holyrood opinion polls by 10% from Labour (4.5% swing from Labour to SNP from 2007)

Commenting SNP Business Convener Angus Robertson MP said:

"The SNP are working hard to earn people’s trust, and these excellent results show that the people of Scotland support the SNP’s record of delivery.

"There is no doubt that the Westminster election will be a two horse race in Scotland between the SNP and Labour.

“The overall results of all elections and polls are also a quadruple whammy for the SNP with a four way lead over Labour - in Europe, at local level, in Holyrood and at Westminster.

“The SNP have won the support of voters in the European elections and in by-elections across the country with a swing to the SNP in every single election and we are maintaining historic leads in the opinion polls for both Holyrood and Westminster.

“As we pass the midterm point of the first ever SNP Government, our continued and increasing support shows that the SNP are delivering on the priorities of the people of Scotland, while the UK Labour Government and Scottish Labour simply go into reverse.

“Labour has failed to take responsibility for the recession and refuse to face up to the reality of the £500 million of cuts they are forcing on Scotland’s public services.”

SNP Glasgow North East candidate David Kerr said:

"Instead of hiding away, the Labour party need to face voters and call the by-election immediately - it is totally unacceptable for the people of Glasgow North East to be left without an MP for four more months."

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