Monday, 20 July 2009

Herbert calls for an end to the landfilling of waste

Nick Herbert has stressed the need to end the landfilling of waste and called for new incentives to encourage households to go green.

The Shadow Environment Secretary said that the UK is lagging behind our EU partners when it comes to waste disposal, and criticised the current approach of just “dumping it in holes in the ground and then forgetting about it.”

He warned, “This addiction to landfill has not only been immensely damaging for the environment; it has also meant that we have wasted valuable resources by burying them under a mountain of rotting rubbish.”

Nick rejected Labour’s decision to penalise the public through bin taxes, describing it as “fundamentally misguided”.

And he stressed, “It is time for a new approach that incentivises the public to do the right thing, regards waste not as a problem but as a potential resource, and drives forward towards the goal of a zero waste society.”

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