Saturday, 18 July 2009

Police awarded for bravery

The Prime Minister has paid tribute to the dedication of police in keeping the public safe, during a reception to mark the annual Police Bravery Awards.

Four police officers were voted the bravest officers in England and Wales.

Metropolitan Police officers PS Stephen Hayter, PC Barry Leban, PC Richard Cousins and PC Michael Carroll won the award after a regular stop and search turned into a brutal gun attack in North London.

Gordon and Sarah Brown and Home Secretary Alan Johnson hosted a reception in the Downing Street garden for 60 officers and their partners.

The Prime Minister said the public value everything “our brave officers have done”.

“”It is a privilege to welcome you here. This is our chance to thank you for all you do for the security of the British public.”

Police Federation Chairman for England and Wales Paul McKeever said the officers are all deserving winners.

“We are extremely proud of their dedication to protecting us all from harm and threat. Thanks to these officers and their colleagues up and down the country, we can all feel safer on the streets and in our homes.”

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