Saturday, 18 July 2009

Nuclear non-proliferation announcement - Greenpeace response

Responding to Gordon Brown's speech today laying out the government's roadmap to the 2010 nuclear non-proliferation conference Greenpeace UK disarmament campaigner Louise Edge said:

"We welcome the fact that the Labour government is finally making some positive noises towards eliminating nuclear weapons - which remain one of the most serious threats facing mankind.

"However there is a fatal flaw at the heart of Gordon Brown's nuclear proposal. The fact is 90 per cent of nuclear technology and materials are dual use, so can be used to create both nuclear power and nuclear weapons. You simply can't spread nuclear power without spreading nuclear weapons technology.

"And an international nuclear fuel bank would mean a massive increase in the transportation of nuclear materials by air, land and sea - leaving them open to attacks by terrorists and to radioactive materials being stolen and made into dirty bombs.

"Gordon Brown's nuclear obsession will damage not only the UK's renewable energy policy but international security. Safe, clean renewable technology exists today and could be rolled out globally to help power a more peaceful world."

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