Thursday, 2 July 2009


Following the devastating news that Diageo is to close the Johnnie Walker plant at Kilmarnock with the loss of 700 jobs, local SNP MSP Willie Coffey has joined forces with Kilmarnock Football Club to launch a petition opposing the closure.

The petition will be launched tomorrow afternoon (3pm, Friday 3 July) at the Park Hotel, which is beside Kilmarnock FC’s ground, Rugby Park.

Kilmarnock Football Club was established in 1869 and has enjoyed close ties with “Johnnie Walker”, its management and employees for 140 years.

Michael Johnston, Chairman of Kilmarnock Football Club said:

“Diageo’s decision to close the “Johnnie Walker” plant in Kilmarnock announced yesterday must be reversed.

“Kilmarnock Football Club will support the employees whose jobs are under threat and our local politicians in their campaign to keep “Johnnie Walker” in Kilmarnock where it was founded in 1820.”

MSP for Kilmarnock Willie Coffey, who joined workers at Jonnie Walker when the closure was announced yesterday said:

“In the face of such a potential hammer blow to the local economy, it is vital that we all band together to force Diageo to reverse their decision.

“Johnnie Walker and Kilmarnock FC are both vital to the life of this town. I am pleased to see Kilmarnock FC take such an active part in opposing this dreadful decision.”

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