Monday, 6 July 2009

Jean Lambert visits Norwich North

The latest high-profile visitor to the Norwich North by-election campaign is Jean Lambert MEP, who will be in the city tomorrow (Tuesday) in support of Rupert Read, the Green Party candidate in the election on July 23rd.

Jean Lambert is the Green Party spokesperson on social affairs. She has represented the London area as a Green member of the European Parliament for ten years. She was named MEP 2005 for her work on justice and human rights.

Jean Lambert said: "As voters are rejecting the main parties, I'm very happy to be visiting Norwich to discuss the issues of the day ahead of the by-election in this Green stronghold."

Jean and Rupert will have the issues of access to healthcare and pensions high on their agenda.

- Jean has played a key role in the EU parliament in keeping national health services public and will be keen to hear about health services in the Norwich area.

- With 24% of people in the Norwich North constituency aged 60 or over, the issue of pensions will also be highly relevant. The Green Party is calling for a basic state pension of £165 a week.

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