Monday, 6 July 2009

Grieve condemns "deeply concerning" number of missing prisoners

Dominic Grieve has attacked the Government over its “shocking and deeply concerning” admission that almost a thousand prisoners who should have been sent back to prison are missing.

935 offenders are on the run after being recalled from release on licence between January 1999 and March 2009.

612 offenders, including 19 murderers and 26 sex offenders, have been missing for over a year.

Dominic, the Shadow Justice Secretary, said, “The whole point of releasing prisoners on licence is that they can be monitored and returned to prison if they breach. The public will be shocked that the Government has lost track of almost 1,000 criminal fugitives - including murderers, paedophiles and sex offenders.”

Dominic warned, “Labour’s reckless early release scheme and lax approach to probation is putting the public at greater risk. Cuts to frontline probation services will only make this situation even worse.”

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