Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The pheonix rises from the ashes

Ok, I’m back. I’m still angry and I’m still full of News Rage. For a while there I just got jaded and couldn’t bring myself to watch or write about any more news. The straws that broke the camels back were the ‘expense row’ followed by speculation that Blair was going to be the EU president. Both sickened me to the extent that I considered life on a boat.

However, thankfully Blair got nowhere near to the role that would have taken him and his repugnant other a step closer to world domination than any of his previous war mongering had done. The ‘expense row’ rages on and appears as though it might now ravage local government which in my opinion can only actually be a good thing when one considers that some LA chief execs earn up to double what the PM earns before expenses.

However for the time being I am not going to focus on publishing news releases from the government or the political parties like I was before. I may do again in the future, but for now, I will concentrate on publishing articles from campaigners and charities and my own view on things that happen in the news…but only if I get angry about something!!!

I am still very keen to hear from anyone who may wish to consider contributing and comments are always welcome.

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