Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Megrahi for oil and for PR...and Mandelson definately wasn't involved!

The decision to release Megrahi was probably the right decision at law. It should also be remembered that the only reason we had him in the first place was because of a dodgy deal brokered between Blair and Gadaffi. Megrahi's family was paid very well at the time and I was never personally convinced that a guilty man was handed over.

In my view this decision was definitely made for political reasons. Any situation in which Mandelson claims to be offended and cries ridicule at the very suggestion that something dodgy has gone on behind closed doors usually points to the fact that it has.

One thing that should be remembered as the US sits on the end of the British bed and begins to dress itself is that we are probably going to have to make some other friends with oil quickly if we are to have any hope of not plunging further into economic doom and dispair.

If we were to choose our friends based on oil and in light of the respective death toll and humanitarian consequences of Lockerbie in comparison to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, it seems a bit academic as to who the choice would be. However we are also to be judged in the latter and perhaps in releasing this man, guilty or not in the eyes of god, we may inadvertently be on the road to improving our image in the eyes of Islam which in some places does appear to have rather a lot of oil and money laying about.

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