Monday, 7 September 2009

Managing labour immigration during economic growth and recession: International experiences with points-based systems

An international conference organised by the UK's Migration Advisory Committee (MAC).

An international conference to share different experiences of immigration points based systems will be hosted by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC). The conference, being held in London on 7 September, will be attended by government representatives, migration advisors and academics from Canada, Australia, USA and Europe.

The global movement of migrant workforces is constantly fluctuating and the regulation of labour immigration has become a significant matter for public debate.

The current economic down turn has also added further momentum to the debate and although national contexts differ, there is significant scope for comparing, assessing and learning from different countries' experiences with managing labour immigration in times of economic growth and crisis.

The Chair of the MAC, Professor David Metcalf, said:

"Policymakers and experts from major immigration countries have come together to discuss their labour immigration policy experiences with a particular focus on the role and design of points-based systems.

"This conference is a chance for our key international partners to share their experiences of migration, in particular over the last two years, during the economic down turn."

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