Friday, 4 September 2009


Bausch and Lomb, contact lens manufacturers and major employer in the Livingston area have today announced the loss of 500 jobs. It is anticipated that the Livingston site will close in 18 months although a 90 day consultation period on the American company's intentions will commence.

Commenting after the announcement today Livingston MSP Angela Constance said:

"I am deeply saddened by the announcement today by Bausch and Lomb that they will shed 500 jobs. This is a blow for the local economy and the 500 strong workforce who are highly committed, skilled and productive.

"Bausch and Lomb have a long history with Livingston and will now enter a consultation period and do not intend to close the site for 18 months. As a matter of urgency I will be speaking to the Chief Executive of Bausch and Lomb today.

"It has already been indicated by the company that they will consider any proposals put forward by the Scottish Government during the consultation period. I will meet with company representatives, visit the site to speak with staff and make representations to both the Scottish Government and West Lothian Council.

"I want to make sure that everything possible that can be done will be done for the workforce.

"As closure is not imminent I want to ensure that all options other than closure have been fully explored and to establish what opportunities exist to mitigate this colossal job loss".

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  1. closure IS imminent the company have already had talks with scottish government before any of workforce were told.


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