Friday, 11 September 2009

Learning from local government

Speaking to the Local Government Association today, Shadow Chancellor George Obsorne has spoken about how much Whitehall can learn from local government.

Osborne said that the Conservative Party was "100 per cent committed" to devolving power to local government and local towns and cities.

"Localism brings people closer to political power and gives them control over their own communities. By giving people more power and control over the services that are delivered in their areas, we can inspire a new spirit of civic pride in our communities".

He went on to say that local councils are often the best sources of new ideas and new policies, which is why he wanted to give them "more power and more responsibility to unleash their innovative potential".

"Most councils in England are controlled by Conservatives", he said. "So I want the Conservative Party to learn from what local Conservative councils are doing right now, as they are dealing with many of the constraints that we may face very soon".

Osborne added, however, that localism is about more than having the right policies, but that it's also about understanding that "not all good ideas are dreamt up in a policy unit in Whitehall".

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