Thursday, 3 September 2009

I have been enraged by Jordan...more than once!

News has been a bit thin today. Unusually so. My attention was drawn to a story in yesterday's papers about Jordan. Now I made a promise that I would try to avoid stories about this part of society. People like Jordan, Kerry Katona, Lilly Allen, Jack Tweed; people with no discernible talent that personify the New Labour era, hot air and no substance and in my view accordingly deserve little attention.

I made my promise on the basis that people like this get enough space in other publications and websites without having to feature in mine. I was however a little irritated by this story about the 'more than one rape' of Jordan. Now I know I am dropping a level by writing 'news' about this person but I feel that something needs to be said. I am also aware that many women will probably not think that as a man I am qualified to write on this subject, but I have an opinion and I'm going to try to put things as I see them. That's what I do here!

Firstly, I find it hard to understand why the phrase 'more than once' was used. Does that mean twice, thrice, over 10 times, over 100 times, what? Why would an exact figure not be used? It doesn't make any sense unless the reason the number was ambiguous was to stimulate interest from the glossy mags where it was probably assumed that ex-public school girl writers would clamour to betray themselves just to get the exclusive in which the actual number and the gory details are revealed. A quick £50 grand perhaps, maybe a hundred in Jordan's skin tight back pocket.

If this was just a publicity stunt then in my opinion the woman is clearly sick. From what I have seen rape is an awful experience which can have devastating effects on a woman. It is not a tool to refresh the rate at which one appears in the papers or to gain profit from and the media should be more aware of the way it allow itself to be manipulated. We already have the worst teen pregnancy rate in Europe. It was reported that 1 in 3 teenage girls have been sexually assaulted by boyfriends. Then along comes this tart and says: 'oh!...and in case nobody's got no good reason what to print my surgically altered mush today...I've been raped...more than once.'

Rather than make this announcement in a tasteful way that might raise awareness for a cause rather than her own, she has even attempted to bring her estranged husband, Peter Andre into the story by telling the world (probably via the News of the World or the Sport) that he knows who one of her rapists was. What's he going to say?

This is a nasty, seedy woman who has led a nasty, seedy life and unsurprisingly has had nasty, seedy things happen to her. If she has been raped then I feel sorry for her. Amongst other things it may account in part as to why she is the twisted, insecure person she appears to be. However in my world of boundaries and decency, the way this story has been used by a woman who has made her living from sex and the press that keeps her freak show alive is sickening and must be demeaning to other women who have had to suffer in silence and without justice or reward.

Who knows, maybe I've got it wrong and she'll become an ambassador against rape or something and shock me. Then again if she does I'll eat my laptop!

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