Friday, 4 September 2009

Greens Deputy Leader conference speech

In his speech to the Green Party's autumn conference, Adrian Ramsay, deputy leader of The Green Party, will outline his party's plans to buy back hospitals that have been part of the Labour government's Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs).

Ramsay sees the government's creeping privitisation of the National Health Service as the cause of increasing inequalities in UK healthcare.

On top of the health costs of PFIs, Ramsay also points to the economic consequences of what he sees as a failed experiment:

"Funding new hospitals and schools through PFIs is like buying your house on a credit card instead of getting a mortgage."

In his second conference as Green Party Deputy, Ramsay will also take the opportunity to back up much of what the party leader, Caroline Lucas, sought to address in her speech to the Conference on Friday.

He will call for a fairer electoral system, a more transparent parliament, an elected upper house and for proper regulation of party funding.

"We need root and branch reform of our political system to make it more accountable to the public, so people can see how they can influence decision making."

Finally, Ramsay, the opposition leader on Norwich City Council, will emphasise the need for Green representation in parliament in order to fight against runaway climate change and "to offer real solutions to the major problems of our time."

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