Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Cutting the cost of politics

David Cameron has given a major speech today, setting out how a Conservative Government will cut the cost of politics.

"If we’re going to take our country through these difficult times", he said, "those who lead must lead by powerful example. That means getting our own house in order and cutting the cost of politics".

He outlined several ways of doing this, including cutting the number of MPs, cutting their perks and subsidies, and cutting ministerial salaries and their cars.

In total the proposals he announced today will save taxpayers as much as £120 million a year, but Cameron emphasised that this was about more than the money.

"It’s about the message. This country is in a debt crisis. We must all now come together, play our part, carry our burden and pay our fair share. And that starts at the very top – with politicians cutting the cost of politics".

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