Friday, 11 September 2009

Consultation on draft Bill to consolidate charity law

The Office of the Third Sector today published a consultation document on a draft Consolidation Bill, which would bring together provisions of the Recreational Charities Act 1958, Charities Act 1993 and most of the Charities Act 2006 into a single piece of legislation.

The aim of consolidating charity law is to make it simpler and more accessible and will not involve significant changes in policy. The amendments made would remove unnecessary inconsistencies and repeal provisions which are now considered obsolete.

Angela Smith, Minister for the Third Sector, said:

"Through the implementation of the Charities Act 2006, the Government has freed charities from unnecessary red tape and introduced fair rules that treat all charities equally. The views of all those who work with charity law will help ensure that we develop the clearest and most user-friendly Bill as possible."

The draft Bill would restructure and modernise the existing text. For example, provisions relating to the preparation of group accounts by charities will be dealt with in the part of the Bill which deals with charity accounts rather than being located in a separate schedule. In addition, longer sections of the existing legislation have been split in to subsections to make them easier to understand.

The closing date for the consultation is 4 December 2009. The Consultation document is available at:

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