Friday, 11 September 2009


SNP MSP Angela Constance has welcomed the commitment of the Scottish Government to workers at the Bausch and Lomb plant in Livingston.

Responding to comments by the First Minister during Question Time today about Scottish jobs, and earlier comments from Lord Foulkes Ms Constance said:

“I welcome the commitment from the Scottish Government to support Scottish jobs such as the workers at Bausch and Lomb as well as the work that was put in prior to the company’s announcement last week.

“I joined John Swinney at Bausch and Lomb on Monday at meetings with the company, and with the local authority and Chamber of Commerce to discuss how we can all ensure future employment for workers at the plant.

“There is a real determination among all those involved in the Livingston economy to support those employees now facing unemployment, to explore all alternatives and to use the coming months to ensure there is a viable future for them in Livingston.”

Responding to earlier comments from Lord Foulkes Ms Constance said:

“Now he has met John Swinney I hope Lord Foulkes will moderate his earlier comments about the situation in Livingston.

“Bausch and Lomb have already said to me they will repay any public money they received in the past. As West Lothian Chamber of Commerce have made clear if some politicians had paid more attention to West Lothian in the past we may not have lost our EU status.

“We would be able to continue to invest money in attracting businesses in the same way Ireland still can.”

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