Monday, 3 August 2009

Support grows for Nigel TV debate

The question continues to be asked "Will they or won't they" as David Cameron and Gordon Brown circle one another over a proposed television debate.

But like many of the great mismatches of our time, the real contender is so far sitting this one out.

However, that contender – UKIP Leader Nigel Farage – is starting to gather a groundswell of support for his involvement in a televised debate on the issue none of the major parties are addressing – UK withdrawal from the European political union.

As one party insider has put it: "It's obvious they would avoid any public discussion with Nigel on Europe like they would a case of swine flu.

"Nigel already has the points against Gordon Brown after his EU Parliament demolition job earlier this year. While Dave knows any cursory questioning of the Tory policy on the EU would expose the half promises and lack of commitment on a European referendum that the British public want.

"UKIP has earned its right to fair access and representation in the nation's media, after all the party was the second choice overall in the European elections.

"And though it would be fabulous television entertainment to see Nigel in the same ring as these two supposed heavyweights, the serious side is that at least one of our leading politicians needs to have the bottle to talk about the topics the others just wish would disappear – the cost of the EU, unlimited immigration and the fact that 75% of British laws are actually made in Brussels.

"Let's see if we can make this televised debate between Brown, Cameron and Farage the main event leading up to a general election."

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