Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Students urged to apply for voluntary work abroad after A-Levels

Students looking for post- A Level inspiration are being encouraged to consider volunteering in developing countries via a fully-funded Government scheme.

Not sure what to do now that you have your A Level results? Make sure you apply for fully funded Platform2 trips by early October. Have you ever considered doing volunteer work in a developing country but didn't think you could afford it? Platform2 might be your answer.

Platform2 is a global volunteering experience funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) and run by Christian Aid and BUNAC. You could spend 10 weeks in a developing country working on projects like these:

* South Africa, volunteering with the Johannesburg Child Welfare Society which directly assists over 18,000 abused, abandoned, neglected, orphaned and vulnerable children each year; or

* Nepal, constructing a much-needed new secondary school building and teaching at the after-school clubs; and

* Kenya, working on a project to stop deforestation by helping communities make money in more eco-friendly ways, like fish farming and bee-keeping

Over 700 young people have already been on Platform2 projects including

23 year old volunteer Sarah Owen, who has recently returned from India.

"Whilst in India, I worked on a women's equality project and formed relationships with young women my age I will never forget. I collected traditional songs from the women I worked with, and have taught them to young people in my own community back here in Devon. They have been fascinated to learn the songs and hear my stories - I think Platform2 is a chance for young people to see the world in a different way and encourage us to have compassion for others from all different walks of life."

You can apply online or download the application from Completed applications, references and either a photocopy of your passport (or if you don't have a passport, your birth certificate) need to be received by October.

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