Monday, 3 August 2009

The not so enchanting tale of Brownocchio and Honest John the Banker

Once upon there was a puppet who dreamed of becoming a real PM. The problem was that the puppet was a very bad but prolific liar. He lied about everything and thought that he was too clever to be caught. He was also convinced that he was a bit of a guru when it came to economics and he was friends with a crooked banker called Honest John.

This Honest John also told the puppet that he was really good at economics and showed him a good time when the economy was going well.

When the economy collapsed however and the banker was broke, the puppet gave him all his money to help him out of trouble. He made a bit of a mistake though because he didn't even ask the banker to stop all of the bad things he did to make the economy collapse in the first place.

When the banker started to make money again he didn't want to pay back the money and he continued to do all the bad things he was doing before. He wanted to pay all of the money to his real friends who were also pretty crooked. He also decided to ignore the puppet and withdrew his support. He sent the puppet away turned him into an ass. The puppet tried to escape but he was swallowed by a giant whale...

...and we all lived happier ever after...

...well after the blue fairy came to power, banished the crooked banker and redistributed the power and the wealth fairly amongst the people. Ah well, one can but dream.

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