Tuesday, 11 August 2009

It now appears to be out in hte open. Money is worth more than a soul

The deepest, darkest recesses in hell if such a place exists would surely be reserved for the people responsible or should have been responsible for the short and thoroughly tragic life of Peter Connelly. On the next level, space will be reserved for the people who are now working the system and are trying to profit from the death of this innocent soul.

Tracey Connelly (5 years), and Steven Barker (12 years) were responsible for the death of 17-month-old and Barker's brother, Jason Baker was also jailed (3 years). The sum of the jail time that these sub-humans are expected to serve between them is not even the equivalent of a life sentence which somehow seems wrong in my view given the horrific injuries inflicted over a sustained period of time and the ultimate result.

The criminal justice system has failed Peter. He was tortured in unimaginable ways and was murdered but somehow his death was not enough to justify a charge of murder and a life in prison for those who killed him. Why was this case plea bargained? Either the CPS has no teeth left and is no longer fit for purpose or it is the whole system that is no longer functioning. Either way, nothing short of a complete overhaul of the criminal justice system including the rules of evidence is required to prevent this from happening again.

We are already aware of the problems this case has highlighted in the child welfare system, police, social services and NHS. Again however the legal system needs to be held accountable too. The self-obsessed management (Sharon Shoesmith) and social workers who were directly responsible for Peter's welfare and protection in Harringay are suing the government for compensation because they are convinced that they were unfairly dismissed. This disgusting behaviour is encouraged by UK employment laws which have developed in this way over the last 20 years or so. Again we have a situation in which it is likely that the tribunals will allow these spurious claims to succeed where common sense would dictate otherwise.

Finally it has also emerged that Peter's father is claiming personal injury for distress as a result of what has happened and is signed off from work as a result. I am not 100% clear about who the claim is against but it was reported on hate BBC last night. Now pardon me for being cynical but in my opinion this person is blatantly manipulating a terrible set of circumstances that he was loosely involved with in order to profit financially and stop working and contributing to society. What a sick person. The problem is that the legal system has developed recently in such a way that I would expect his claim to be successful too.

What a sad thing. The trouble is that nothing will be learned from this because if the truth is told, the death of this child has brought with it the prospect of huge financial compensation claims. These in turn will result in sizeable legal fees, exclusive newspaper rights and all kinds of other lucrative economic consequences. Even the killers will be given new identities and lives at a cost to the British taxpayer.

The only person involved in this tragedy who has not benefited in any way or received any justice is Peter himself. This is truly the defining point in time where it becomes obvious that money is more important than life in this country.

I thought that would make me mad...but it really just makes me sad.

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