Thursday, 6 August 2009


Speaking before a Scottish CND Rally at the Peace Tree in Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow tonight (Thursday) on Hiroshima Day, Glasgow SNP MSP and anti-Trident campaigner Bill Kidd said the anniversary at this time of recession only brought more focus onto the folly of nuclear weapons and Gordon Brown’s obsession the present Trident system.

Mr Kidd said:

"Sixty-four years ago the World saw the first man-made nuclear explosion devastate a city and its population and leave a radioactive legacy which remains with us today.

"It is the duty of all of us here to remember Hiroshima and keep pressure on the UK Government to abandon the Trident upgrade and listen to the voices of the people as they call for an end to the UK’s weapons-of-mass-destruction.

"The majority of Scottish MPs, Scotland's Parliament and the people of Scotland have all rejected Trident and its replacement.

“The current UK government’s position therefore beggars belief – particularly for many who have supported them. With this recession the focus is even sharper on the costs of Trident. Many wonder why Gordon Brown seems so obsessed with investing in weapons of mass destruction instead of hospitals, education or jobs.

"When I spoke at the United Nations in May of this year I met politicians from around the World who know of Scotland's opposition to nuclear weapons and bring to you their support for our stand.

“It's now time for Gordon Brown to listen to the people and drop his plans to waste billions of pounds at a time of recession on Son of Trident."

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