Thursday, 27 August 2009

Greens join Camp for Climate Action

The Camp for Climate Action will took place in London from today onwards. Activists gathered at six locations:

- the head office of BP in London's St James' Square

- the Bank of England

- Stratford railway station, near the 2012 Olympics site- outside mining company Rio Tinto, in Aldermanbury Square

- Stockwell Tube station, to mark the death of Jean Charles de Menezes

- cyclists massed outside the headquarters of Shell on the South Bank, near Waterloo railway station

By text message, activists were then told to converge on the site for the week-long camp.

A number of leading Greens will be at the Camp for Climate Action, among them:

- Molly-Scott Cato, our economics spokesperson, will be on a panel on Friday to debate whether capitalism is sustainable and if not what should replace it.

- Caroline Lucas will be in workshop on Saturday, looking at growth/wellbeing issues.

Jenny Jones, the Green Party home affairs spokesperson, will attend the camp, and was highly critical of the policing around the G20 protests in London. Jones said, in advance of the Camp for Climate Action:

"Anyone who cares about civil liberties will understand how important peaceful gatherings and protests are, and how increasingly difficult the police have made it. So we will be judging the police's behaviour at the Climate Camp."

"Much has been promised by the Met, in terms of a softly softly approach, which includes giving the camp their own safer neighbourhood team, but now they have to live up to those promises, and hopefully regain some of the respect they've lost recently."

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