Monday, 3 August 2009

Gove announces plans for online library of past exam papers

Michael Gove has announced that a Conservative Government will establish an online library of past exam papers so parents and the public can track changes in standards over time.

The new website is part of a plan to restore public confidence in the exam system, which has become increasingly devalued over the past few years.

The site will be accessible to members of the public free of charge, and anyone will be allowed to upload an old exam paper, script or examiners’ report to it.

Michael, the Shadow Children’s Secretary, said, “The Government treats exam papers like state secrets and refuses to publish them. This is wrong and a Conservative Government will create a free online library of all exam papers and scripts so there is full transparency and academic scrutiny of our exam system.”

He added, “It is vital that we restore public confidence in our exam system. Universities, businesses and academics say the system has been devalued and private schools are opting out of GCSEs for international exams.”

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