Thursday, 6 August 2009

Fox attacks Labour for suppressing defence review

Liam Fox has called on the Government to publish the Bernard Gray review on defence procurement immediately.

The Shadow Defence Secretary stressed the review was a “damning indictment of twelve years of incompetence”.

And he warned, “By trying to suppress this report, the Prime Minister has demonstrated that he cares more about the reputation of Labour than he does about the wellbeing of the Armed Forces.”

Liam stressed the Government has “a moral duty” to ensure that our Armed Forces have the equipment they need – but he warned that instead we have “a catalogue of bureaucracy, incompetence and timewasting”:

“Gordon Brown, as Chancellor, was never willing to fund Tony Blair’s wars; now that he is Prime Minister, he is trying to cover up his mistakes.”

Liam highlighted the importance of holding regular defence reviews, and said that a Conservative government would legislate, if necessary, to ensure that they happen in every Parliament.

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