Monday, 24 August 2009



SNP MSP Michael Matheson today welcomed Henry McLeish’s comments on BBC radio this morning in which he described the comments of FBI Director Robert Mueller as a “slur on Scottish Justice which we did not deserve” and a rejection by Lord Fraser of Carmyle of the Director's attack on Scotland's legal system.

Mr McLeish repeated his belief that Kenny MacAskill made “the right decision made for the right reasons”.

Lord Fraser of Carmyle who brought the original case against Megrahi rejected the claim that Scotland is “pro-terrorist” saying “We are not, and he knows that from his regular visits to Edinburgh.”

Mr Matheson said;

“Robert Mueller’s comments yesterday were as Henry McLeish said both ill-informed and unjustified.

“The intervention of Henry McLeish and Lord Fraser to reject these comments is welcome.

"Scots across the country know that Mr Mueller's comments were an entirely inappropriate attack on our justice system.

“This decision was made in the right way for the right reasons and has upheld the principles of our legal system.

“Henry McLeish’s call for Scots to recognise that we have a Justice system that can hold it’s head high around the world in the face of what is improper criticism is one all MSPs should endorse - rather than seeking to attack the institutions and principles we are elected to defend."

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