Friday, 14 August 2009

Countdown to DSEi - less than a month to go!

From 8-11 September, London's ExCeL centre will welcome over 25,000 arms dealers to shop for weapons at the DSEi arms fair. CAAT will be there to call for an end to the fair, and an end to the government support that makes it possible.

From east end to west end, from ExCel to Westminster, from DSEi to UKTI - take a journey with CAAT on 8 Tuesday September.

Join us at the ExCeL centre at 11am, to protest at the fair's opening - then hitch a ride on the CAAT bus to take our message into central London. From 1pm we'll be holding our own fair on the doorstep of UKTI DSO, the government department that supports DSEi. It will be a fun day with a serious message - stop DSEi, close UKTI DSO.

Find more information on the day, and the other events planned for DSEi week online .

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