Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Council snoops highlight ID nightmare

The sacking of nine local authority workers for snooping on the personal records of celebrities and friends held on the Government's National Identity Scheme databases highlights the risk to us all, according to UKIP justice spokesman Gerard Batten.

"The arrest of these council officials proves what opponents of the National Identity Scheme having been saying all along: it will not be secure and everyone on it will be at risk". said Mr Batten.

"The abuses of the Customer Information System, which will form the core of the NIS, in 30 local authorities are surely just the tip of an iceberg. We can reasonably expect that many more abuses will have gone undetected. If the scheme proper comes into effect then it will be impossible to police effectively because of its sheer scale and size.

"The Identity Card scheme is just a red herring to allow the NIS to exist and give the government access to every aspect of our personal data. That is bad enough but these revelations also show that we will also be open to every criminal, fraudster or ill-wisher that is determined to get access to our personal information.

"The identity card scheme will not even do what it is supposed to: it won't protect us from criminals or terrorists, they will easily find ways to circumvent it. The people who will really suffer because of it are once again the ordinary law-abiding citizen.

"The ID Card and National Identity Scheme should be scrapped. It is a colossal waste of money and downright dangerous.

"Top marks to Mark Ballard and Computer Weekly for this revalation"

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