Monday, 24 August 2009


SNP MSP for Kilmarnock Willie Coffey has called for Diageo to stick to their word and to wait for the alternative business proposal to be put forward by the Scottish government prior to making any decisions.

Mr Coffey’s remarks follow comments by Diageo Managing Director Brian Donaghey that more bottling could move overseas if Kilmarnock plant is saved.

Mr Coffey said;

“It is deeply disturbing that before any business proposal has been put to Diageo by the government and in a week when Diageo is expected to announce nearly £3 billion of profits they are suggesting further job losses if Kilmarnock is saved.

“Every business must work hard to remain competitive – but no business does that by forgetting its roots.

“Mr Donaghey’s comments seem extremely cynical and appear intended to divide the workforce.

“It's not the first time I have had to ask Diageo to stick to the assurances given to the First Minister by their Chief Officer Paul Walsh. And I ask Mr Donaghey to respect that.

“Across Scotland we are united in the campaign to save Diageo jobs and the support from workers at Cameron Bridge for their colleagues in Kilmarnock and Glasgow has been very welcome.

“I urge Mr Donaghey to ensure Diageo keep their word and no decisions or threats appear until there has been a full examination of the alternative proposal coming from Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Government.”

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