Friday, 28 August 2009



The introduction of minimum pricing will help to end the problem of drinkers not knowing how much alcohol they are consuming.

A new study from market research firm Mintel shows that UK drinkers do not know how much alcohol they are consuming. This has become an increasing problem as drinks become stronger.

The research shows that despite drinking similar quantities of alcoholic beverages to previous years, the amount of alcohol being consumed has increased significantly as the alcohol content of wines and beers in particular has increased.

SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson, who supports action to tackle Scotland’s alcohol problem said:

“It is clear that many people no longer know how much alcohol they are consuming as drinks get stronger and stronger.

“Many people will be going over the recommended level for alcohol consumption without knowing it – not only having consequences for their health but potentially for their safety.

“The Scottish Government’s proposal for minimum pricing will make it far easier for consumers to know the alcohol content of their drink.

“The more expensive the beer or cider the more alcohol it contains. With products such as wine or beer and ciders where the content may vary significantly this will help consumers make an educated choice. It will also bring an end to the days where litres of strong cider can be purchased for only a couple of pounds.

“At the same time I urge the UK Government to adopt the recommendations from the BMA and others to ensure the number of units of alcohol in a bottle or drink are clearly labelled on all alcoholic products.

“When alcohol content is not reflected in the price of products and the number of units are not explained on the label it is hard for consumers to make the responsible drinking choices we all want them to make.

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