Wednesday, 15 July 2009



A commitment from the UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary to look at concerns about energy transmission charges has been welcomed today (Wednesday) after the SNP raised the issue following the publication of the UK Low Carbon Transition Plan white paper.

The Energy and Climate Change Secretary announced that he would take over responsibility for imposing a new regime for access to the electricity grid. SNP Westminster Energy spokesperson Mike Weir MP called on the Minister to go further and tackle the ongoing problems of
transmission and balancing charges within the grid.

Mr Weir welcomed Mr Miliband’s assurance that he would look at the matter and added:

“This low carbon plan is a real opportunity to finally tackle these issues. The commitment to tackle the access arrangement is long overdue and welcome. The associated problems of transmission and balancing charges, which act against renewable generation in Scotland , must also be tackled.

“If the UK government is serious about tackling climate change then they are going to have to end the unfair transmission and locational charges regime.

“It makes no sense to hammer generators because of their location, especially since so much of the UK ’s potential for wave, tidal and wind power is in Scotland . No other country in Europe operates such a ridiculous scheme, and if the UK government’s low carbon proposals are to have any chance of success they will need to establish a level playing field for energy firms in Scotland .

“The current situation creates uncertainty for investment, and seriously undermines renewables projects.

“The Scottish Government has set the benchmark in developing a low carbon economy - by backing investment in green, renewable energy sources and leading the way with tough climate change targets.

“ Scotland has led the way and shown the ambition and courage to set the high targets everyone knows we need, and the UK Government must now follow in those footsteps.”

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