Tuesday, 14 July 2009




A major report has confirmed that renewable energy can power Scotland’s energy revolution.

The report, which has been welcomed by SNP MSP Shirley-Anne Somerville a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Climate Change Committee confirms that Scotland can meet domestic energy needs from renewable sources and has the potential to produce surplus green energy for export.

“The Power of Scotland Renewed” compiled by energy analyst Garard Hassan on behalf of NGO’s including Friends of the Earth Scotland, RSPB Scotland, World Development movement and WWF Scotland says Scotland could meet nearly 70% of domestic electricity use by 2030 from renewables and has the potential to meet over 140% of domestic demand, allowing export of surplus resources.

The report confirms that there is no need for new nuclear power stations in Scotland.

Commenting on the report Lothians MSP Shirley-Anne Somerville also called for the UK Government to release the £150 million fossil fuel levy for investment in Scotland’s green future;

“This is an encouraging report and further demonstrates Scotland’s ability to lead the renewables revolution.

“There is welcome confirmation in this report both of Scotland’s green energy potential and our ability to generate electricity for both domestic consumption and export without costly and unwanted nuclear power stations.

“While we are on target to surpass our ambitious renewable energy targets of 31% of electricity from renewables by 2011 to build a bright and green future we must ensure we invest properly.

“It is unfortunate that £150 million of potential investment in Scotland’s renewables and energy industry is currently sat in a UK Government bank account through a quirk of Treasury accounting. It is time that money was released and invested in Scotland’s energy future.

“With the £10 million Saltire Prize attracting international interest in Scotland’s renewables potential and Scotland’s role in the development of a North Sea Super Grid Scotland is well places to capitalise on the jobs, investment and environmental benefit our renewable resources offer - with the release of £150 million of Scotland's money that investment could receive a major boost.”

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