Thursday, 23 July 2009

Poll shows UKIP support on immigration

Today's poll conducted by YouGov on behalf of the think tank Migration Watch confirms that the people of Britain agree with UKIP on the thorny issue of mass immigration.

The poll reveals that 81% of people are worried (45% of which are ‘very worried’) about the prospect of a UK population of 70 million in 2028 – a likely scenario according to Home Secretary Alan Johnson.

A further 76% of those polled want to see net immigration cut from its present level of 237,000 a year to 50,000 or less a year.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage welcomed the poll saying: “UKIP believes that the people should be listened to on this issue while it is apparent that the other parties do not dare to.

"The poll shows us that even supporters of the other parties share our views.

"It shows that 90% of Conservative voters are worried about a population of 70 million. That 70% of Labour voters are worried and even 76% of Lib Dems felt the same way.

“This shows yet again that UKIP are on the centre ground of public opinion on immigration, just as we are on our relationship with the European Union. Of course for the Lib/Lab/Con coalition that governs us it is impossible to listen to the people, because they are powerless to change things while we retain our membership of the EU.”

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