Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Plaid MP: ‘Holtham confirms that Barnett formula drastically needs to change’

Plaid Cymru’s Adam Price MP has responded to today’s findings in f the Holtham Commission’s interim report.

Plaid Cymru has long campaigned for the discriminatory Barnett formula to be reviewed - arguments that are confirmed in the report’s findings. The investigations in the report also show that under the present system, Wales would lose out on over £8billion in the ten years from 2010.

Plaid’s Adam Price MP commented:

“The findings in the Holtham report do not come as a surprise. Plaid has campaigned consistently for the Barnett formula to be changed but has lacked support from other parties.

“We can now look forward to seeing the recommendations to in the final report. I would expect for this report to be treated in the same way as the Calman commission for the Scottish system did, and for the Government to accept them in full.

“The findings of these investigations by prestigious economists now confirm without a doubt the truth behind the fundamental injustice of the Barnett Formula.

“It is no longer a sustainable argument that resources in Wales can be controlled in this way. We are losing out

“The problem has been diagnosed and now we must focus on the solutions.

“These findings should form the basis of that final report and I would expect the UK Government to respond by bringing forward legislation to that effect. The Holtham Commission deserves that courtesy and Wales deserves that such respect be shown to it.”

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