Saturday, 25 July 2009

I'm fighting hard for you

All year I have been clear that the Government will be tested continually by events - but that we should be judged by our responses.

Recent weeks have underlined this.

Cases of swine flu are increasing, although they have so far proved to be generally mild in most people.

But we are reacting in a calm, ordered and organised way. Good stocks of antivirals, plans for mass vaccination and groundbreaking advice services are in place.

The latest economic figures underline the sheer scale and force of the global recession we're now fighting and why our recovery plan has had to be so bold.

Although there is no room for complacency, the government's action is shortening the recession and reducing its effects. We are cautious but confident that growth is going to return towards the end of this year.

In Afghanistan, our troops face constant danger and at times their efforts come with a human cost.

But the security operation they are currently engaged in against the Taliban has made considerable progress.

Work with local Afghans and civilian experts also continues to help build up the police, basic justice, roads, power and health clinics that prove there is a better alternative to the Taliban.

Over time, the biggest tests remain the economy, further improving schools, hospitals and policing, cleaning up politics and forging a stronger, fairer and more prosperous society.

Our plan for Building Britain's Future is a radical vision to overcome these challenges by fighting hard for the ordinary, hard working majority of this country.

It is about helping people keep their jobs and stay in their homes as we push for a digital, low carbon, high technology recovery.

Families and businesses are getting Real Help Now, which has saved half a million jobs, kept repossessions to a minimum and improved cashflow and order books.

At the same time, we are giving people enforceable entitlements to the highest standards of healthcare, while parents will be guaranteed an education individually tailored to their child.

We will support construction workers by building more decent affordable homes for families to rent and buy.

Fighting hard for Britain means Backing Young Britain.

Next week we will a launch a campaign with business, trades unions and charities to stop a generation of young people lost to work, as in previous recessions.

Meanwhile, swift action on the MPs' expenses scandal has ensured that there can be no repeat of the abuses that stained Parliament and rightly left people angry.

Internationally, we remain focused on global economic recovery as we prepare for the G20 in September and continue our efforts for a global deal on climate change at the Copenhagen summit at the end of the year.

This is a challenging period. We are taking tough choices but always putting the hard working majority at the heart of our decisions. And as the next few months unfold, people will see that our actions are bringing the results that they demand.
Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown

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