Friday, 31 July 2009

ID card flag ban is 'ridiculous'

The Government's decision to remove the Union Jack flag from the proposed identity cards has been branded as ludicrous by UKIP Leader Nigel Farage.

"We are utterly opposed to the whole idea of identity cards and Big Brother government anyway but this latest twist is utterly nonsensical," Mr Farage said.

"It's typical of the knee-jerk political correctness that governs thought in the Labour government. The loud minority have every wish granted while the silent majority suffer the consequences.

"Why remove the flag when it was already on drafts of the identity cards. If the Government insists we have them, then at least it should be easily identifiable to border control where the holder is from.

"The Government says it's axed the flag to avoid upsetting groups who may not identify with the UK symbol. This is simply ridiculous. Surely if someone is actually asking for a national identity card showing they are a British citizen, then surely they identify to some degree with the Union Jack?

"This move comes from the same thinking that bans the St George flag on public buildings, prohibition of Christmas nativity scenes and other barmy rules that undermine our culture and our sense of nationhood."

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