Thursday, 23 July 2009

Home school plan 'madness', says Nuttall

Plans to encourage parents to complain about badly-behaved families of unruly classmates as part of the Government moves to make school contracts legally binding have been slammed by UKIP.

"This plan to make home school agreements compulsory for all English state schools is absolute madness," said UKIP chairman and MEP Paul Nuttall.

"The answer to children misbehaving in the classroom is to re-introduce discipline, which has been steadily eroded over the years by political correctness.

"Anyone can see that since teachers have had their hands tied behind their backs and have to let the pupils rule the roost, discipline has gone out the window.

"Sadly this plan is just more desperate Labour spin to pretend that can regain control of the mess they have created. The suggestion that £1,000 fines could be imposed on the parents is laughable.

Mr Nuttall added: "And the idea that parents can complain to the LEA if they feel the contract is not being enforced against other parents will only encourage trouble between parents as well as the pupils involved."

Meanwhile, the Government's 'war on grammar schools' has been blamed by the UK Independence Party for the lack of social mobility criticised by Alan Milburn.

Controversial plans to give thriving schools an incentive to accept students from poorer area show that Mr Milburn is "missing the elephant in the room", said Paul Nuttall.

"Social mobility in this country has decreased since we have had a war on grammar schools. They are the route for working class kids to better themselves and climb the social ladder.

"Bog standard comprehensives just ensure they kept down," said Mr Nuttall.

"The approach now being put forward is not the answer and is likely to make struggling schools even worse."

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