Thursday, 30 July 2009

Hague takes part in Social Action in Srebrenica

William Hague has visited Srebrenica in Bosnia-Herzegovina to take part in a Social Action project in the town.

A group of 30 Conservative Party volunteers are helping to build a house for a refugee family, construct a football pitch for the local community, and refurbish an IT classroom in a local secondary school.

In addition to taking part in ‘Project Maja’, William also met survivors of the Srebrenica massacre and heard first-hand accounts of the appalling violence.

The Shadow Foreign Secretary described the project as “extremely moving and positive”:

“Fourteen years have passed since the horrific violence which took the lives of 8,000 men and boys in Srebrenica, but the work of rebuilding homes, lives and a way of life in Srebrenica is still not complete. I’m proud of the small contribution that the Conservative Party has been able to make towards that goal through Project Maja.”

He stressed that it is vital that the international community does not abandon Bosnia before it is firmly on the track to lasting stability and membership of the European Union:

“Entrenching stability in Bosnia and setting it irreversibly on the path to EU membership is a major test of what the EU can accomplish in foreign affairs; a test it cannot afford to fail.”

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