Thursday, 16 July 2009

Grayling warns knife crime remains too high in Britain

Chris Grayling accused Labour of being “complacent about our law and order problems” after the annual crime statistics revealed that 104 serious offences with a knife are committed each day.

The Home Office figures show that in 2008/09 there were over 38,000 selected serious offences involving a knife, including murder, attempted murder and robbery.

The Government has changed the measure though - despite previous criticism of its use of knife crime statistics - making it more difficult to get a true picture of knife crime in Britain.

Chris, the Shadow Home Secretary, said, “It looks like the Government is trying to cover up the scale of the problem we face with knife crime - little wonder given its policies have failed to get to grips with the challenge.”

He stressed, “Massaging the figures on knife crime twice in two years is just an insult to the families of those who have been tragically murdered in knife attacks and who are campaigning for real action to get knives off our streets.”

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  1. Check out what we are doing over at Voicebox in giving kids a voice and getting to the core of their issues. One of the issues we are addressing is knife crime, take a closer look here:

    It could be of interest, as, though knife crime is again being intensely scrutinised, the kids seem to thing it is less of an issue than the adults...




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