Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Two meetings today put the emphasis firmly on alternative proposals to save Diageo jobs.

SNP MSP Bob Doris convened a meeting of Scottish Enterprise along with GMB and Unite representatives and Glasgow City Council to begin discussions on alternative proposals to retain Diageo operations as the Port Dundas site.

SNP MSP for Kilmarnock Willie Coffey will tonight join high level discussions to be led by Finance Secretary John Swinney as all parties focus on alternative business proposals.

Following this morning's Glasgow meeting held at Partick Thistle FC near Port Dundas SNP MSP Bob Doris who chaired the meeting said;

“This meeting gave those representing Port Dundas the chance to hear from Scottish Enterprise what steps they will be taking over the coming weeks and to begin discussions on an alternative proposal.

"Trade unions, politicians and the local authorities in both Glasgow and East Ayrshire are united in fighting Diageo's job cuts across Scotland and I was pleased to see union representatives from Kilmarnock join their Glasgow colleagues this morning.

"This morning was a key step in bringing together the fight to secure jobs at Port Dundas and identifying key issues in this campaign. Tonight's meeting in Edinburgh chaired by John Swinney is another step toward an alternative proposal that will halt Diageo's determination to close these plants.

SNP MSP Willie Coffey, who will attend tonight's summit meeting with Finance Secretary John Swinney said;

"Tonight's meeting demonstrates the unified campaign against Diageo's disastrous plans and I welcome the absolute commitment of everyone involved to the workforce in Kilmarnock and in Glasgow.

"Diageo have said they will listen and despite their apparent determination to close the sites we must take full advantage of that opportunity.

"The efforts of trade unions and politicians are being matched by an outpouring of public support in both Glasgow and Kilmarnock with local communities and international drinkers of Johnnie Walker registering their support.

"There should be no doubt that the workers and campaigners at Johnnie Walker will not let this plant close without a fight and that while Diageo might be big they will never be bigger than Johnnie Walker and its connection to Kilmarnock."

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