Saturday, 11 July 2009

David, Levite, Saviour or Pawn

A Jewish scholar has suggested that the Conservative leader David Cameron could be a direct descendant of Moses.

Yaakov Wise, a research fellow at the University of Manchester Centre for Jewish Studies, has traced the politician's ancestry and said: "It is possible that Cameron is a direct descendant of Moses or, at least, a cousin."

Mr Cameron's paternal great-great-grandfather had the surname Levita, which means 'a Jew descended from the tribe of Levi', one of the original 12 tribes of Israel and the leader of the Levites at the time of the exodus from Egypt was Moses.

Dr Wise acknowledged that Mr Cameron's connection to Moses, who led his people out of slavery in Egypt, is tenuous, describing his thesis as "historical whimsy" and this is what makes me mad!!!

Nobody has the courage to go further any I will. Here is Moses (above) not David. Lets hope to god he can lead us out of the wilderness and teach us, the British people how to live according to Go(o)d.

I don't think so somehow but there's always hope! On the down side, I'm not too sure that this comparison will ingratiate the prospective incumbent with the muslim vote. Perhaps that's why the Jewish vote broke the story! Who knows what funny games are going on behind closed doors...

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