Thursday, 16 July 2009

Cooper: trailblazers at the heart of initiative to support disabled people

Trailblazing local authorities are being invited to help shape the way services are delivered to disabled people, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Yvette Cooper told local authorities today

Yvette Cooper encouraged local authorities to work with Jobcentre Plus offices and develop proposals to become Right to Control trailblazers.

Right to Control is a shake-up of the way disabled people can use the funding they receive from the state and is part of the Government’s radical welfare reforms. The trailblazers will test how this could work in practice.

Yvette Cooper said:

“Local authorities have an exciting opportunity to shape the way services supporting disabled people are delivered in the future. This will put the wishes of the individual at the heart of the system. I am, today, urging local authorities to work with local agencies and Government to develop innovative approaches through trailblazers.”

Jonathan Shaw said:

“We understand that disabled people are the experts in their own lives. The Right to Control will give them power to choose the support they need and trailblazer sites will play a vital role in shaping this scheme.”

The Right to Control, which is a major part of the Government’s goal to achieve equality for disabled people by 2025, gives disabled people the power to decide who delivers their services and how they receive them.

Individuals and organisations can take part in the Right to Control consultation by visiting or calling 020 7449 5093

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