Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Clark calls for energy ratings of public buildings to be published

Greg Clark has introduced a Parliamentary Bill that would force Ministers to publish details of the energy ratings of all Government buildings.

Ministers already hold records showing the energy efficiency of Government buildings, but have so far refused to publish them in a single location.

Greg, the Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, said, “Our Bill will ensure that Government is open and honest about the energy efficiency of public buildings.”

And he stressed that publishing this information would “allow people to see what progress the Government is making on the energy efficiency of its own buildings.”

Answers to Parliamentary Questions have already revealed:

  • More that one in three Government buildings – including the Department of Energy and Climate Change - have been given the worst possible 'G' rating for energy efficiency
  • Averaged over all buildings, the Government estate receives the second worst possible 'F' rating

Greg warned, “Despite Labour’s promises to improve the efficiency of the Government estate, the reality is that more than a third of Government buildings are in the worst possible band for efficiency.”

And he pledged that a Conservative Government would publish online a full list of energy performance certificates and ensure public buildings are in the top quartile for energy performance.

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